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Catering Menu


Chicken and Ribs: ½ free-range chicken, 2 ribs plus 2 sides

$27 per person

Chicken: ½ free-range chicken plus 2 sides  

$20 per person

Ribs: 2 ribs plus 2 sides 

$20 per person

Sausages per per Person $6

Slap of Ribs (12 Ribs) $44


Roasted rosemary potatoes, Assorted roasted vegetables, Coleslaw

* Additional salads can be added, Caesar, potato, kale etc. 

$10 per person

Dessert Bar:

Individual desserts made by a local French baker, crème 

brûlée, fruit tarts etc. (gluten free avaliable)

$10per person


Truck will arrive at the location 1 ½ - 2 hours prior to food being served and will need access to one electrical outlet. If this is not possible we do have a generator but this does create additional noise so electrical access is preferable. Food is cooked fresh on site and plated for your guests.  Disposable flatware is included although if you prefer to use your own dishes or rental company we can plate onto whatever dishes you choose to supply.



An initial deposit of 80% is required to contract the caterer for the event. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior. If the caterer’s services are canceled within 30 days of the event no refund of the deposit will be supplied. If you cancel outside of 30 days you will receive your deposit back less $500.00


Truck rental & staffing are an additional $400 fee 


Plates, cutlery and napkins available upon request.

Sales tax will be added.

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